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Island Pašman
The island of Pasman , equally as Ugljan, stretches parallel with the coastline, divided from land by the picturesque Pasman Chanel on which dozens of small islands lie dispersed like a broken string of pearls. The majority of inhabitants in characteristic island towns traditionally live from fishing and agriculture.

Ždrelac is a town on Pasman, one of the islands in the Zadar archipelago, which is connected with the town of Biograd by a ferryboat communication. It was named after a narrow passage, called Zdril, on whose end it is situated and which divides Zdrelac and Pasman islands.

Banj - this placid settlement of exemplary olive growers, vintners and fishermen developed around the Church of St. Cosmas, built in 1356. The surrounding hills offer a spectacular view of the Pasman Channel.

Dobropoljana is placed in the bay of the same name on the island of Pasman that is one of 300 islands of the Zadar archipelago, connected to the mainland and the town of Biograd by boat lines via the neighboring island of Ugljan. It is situated on the northeastern side of the island.

Apart from bathing and water sports, visitor opportunities include the well-known gastronomic offer of the island. Entertainment programs are offered in nearby Biograd na Moru. The older part of the village lies about 300 m away from the coast.

Mrljane - one of the places on the island of Pasman which belongs to the Zadar Archipelago, and it is connected with Biograd with a regular ferry line.

Barotul - a small and tranquil place on the Northern Dalmatian island of Pasman, lies in Taline bay between the places of Pasman and Mrljane.

Pasman is a settlement located across the way from the islet of Babac in the Pasman Channel. It has been inhabited since Roman times, while it was first mentioned under the name "Postimana" by King Petar Kresimir IV in documents from 1067.

Kraj - located in the south-eastern part of the island of Pasman, at half a distance between Pasman and Tkon. It is a village of fruitful olive-groves and vineyards. Kraj offers excellent opportunities for peaceful vacations.

Ugrinic - a small fishing settlement on the northern coast that is connected to the mainland by daily ferry lines Biograd - Tkon. The Mediterranean atmosphere and way of life make a visit to Ugrinic enjoyable and relaxing. Hospitable locals will offer you homegrown food.

Tkon is an old fishing town on the picturesque southern part of Pasman Island, a port and a ferryboat quay (ferry between Biograd and Tkon), which can be approached over small sand beaches continuing into rocky coves all the way to the end of the island. On the other side of the island, which is uninhabited, Robinson-type tourism is very popular.